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Painterly dashes of simple colors always make me feel soothed and centered. There’s something about painting one color next to another that thrills me – the ooos and aaahs tend to pour out of my brain. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric     […]


Daily Color #101: Monterey Bay Stripes

Bright dabs of color on this lovely dismal Northern California day. I feel like I may be getting sick, or else, the gallergies (allergies for girls) are taking hold of my body. Either way, painting these dabs was good medicine. The name is inspired by my cousin Tasha, who has been hanging out with us […]


Daily Color #83: Flamingo Horizon

Wouldn’t you love to head out into the Flamingo Horizon? Next time I’m at the beach in a pink bikini I want to stop at the water’s edge, stand with one leg bent up, and say with great drama, “I’m headed out to the Flamingo Horizon!” Then gracefully wave my arms and splash in. Might […]

Daily Color #59: Smearkat

  I haven’t done an animal print in a while so I thought I’d try something inspired by a meerkat’s coat. They don’t have a really defined pattern, but only a few stripey things on their backs. This one got smeary and bleedy, hence the name. Have you been hearing about the new Meerkat app? […]