Terms of Use

Please read over my terms below, which spell out how you can and cannot use my images. Thanks for reading this boring but important stuff.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Personal License

You are always free and welcome to:

  • use my artwork as backgrounds for computers and other devices for yourself and family
  • print my artwork for your personal use only (such as wall poster, greeting card, etc)
  • use my artwork on your site if a clickable link to “barbraignatiev.com” is on each page where my art is used AND the image is hosted on your own server (do not link to images on my site)

Please do not:

  • use my artwork in graphics for your business, whether profit or non-profit (graphics, business card, logo, etc.)
  • use my artwork in any way (public or private) without giving credit and linking to barbraignatiev.com
  • use my artwork as part of design that you sell to others, such as WordPress themes, design templates, etc.
  • use my artwork in any kind of product, free or for-sale, for-profit or non-profit
  • crop, alter or tweak my artwork
  • sell my artwork

Commercial License

Need to use my artwork on a product? (free or for-sale, for-profit or not-for-profit)
Need to use my artwork for your business or non-profit? (marketing materials, etc)

Please contact me with how and where you intend to use the artwork. Individual contracts need to be made for commercial product use.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
All images are © Barbra Ignatiev under both United States and international copyright laws unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any of my images or copy without express written OK to do so. Don’t be a jerk. Thanks much!