Daily Color #99: Nature Girls

Some times the impression I get from the world is that you can't both like fashion/makeup AND also like being an outdoorsy-type lady.

Well, eff that noise. I take a makeup kit with me camping and I enjoy putting on a cat eye and eyeshadow even though I might just mess it up on a hike. I mean, who cares? I mess it up in other non-nature daily life type situations, what's the difference?

I also cannot take some of the sportswear out there. Geezus. Don't get me wrong, I love REI - I'm a member - but REI needs to step up their fashion a bit more.

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Daily Color #98: Sitting Tigers

Oh my. These tigers make me giggle. Its probably their weird expressions - one looks suspicious, one looks special, one looks snobby.

The one in the middle looks very happy to be a tiger.

This one is inspired by my own tiny tiger, Foo. At age 13, she still prowls and stalks like a kitten. I love her so much.

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Daily Color #97: Fancy Skull

Skulls and feathery things in an ikat fashion. I love cute death.

Funny thing I was thinking while I was painting... See that pretty blueish green in the upper left and right hand side? In my mind I was calling that "breathable blue" - it felt like a bit of a breath of fresh air amongst all the chaos of pink and crazy linework.

When your art gets crazy, try adding breathable blue. Wisdom.

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Diary: Barbra Ignatiev for Sakroots

barbra at sakroots

I posed awkwardly at the Sakroots NYC offices last week! Check out how much I match that bird - I look like I fit right in. I look a little puffy like that bird too - sooo tired from a long cross-country flight.

I'm so excited and honored to be working on an exclusive print for them and their fantastic lineup of bags, shoes, totes and accessories. It will all be in stores Fall 2016!

I have been a longtime fangirl of Sakroots - I've owned so many of their bags and gifted so much Sakroots to my mom, probably since the brand's start. I am in love with the convertible backpack bag and use it everyday - I'm on my second one. I realized on my trip out there that I really need a Sakroots carry-on.

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Daily Color #96: Barbados Chevron

Ahh colors that bleed and vibrate. That's what I love.

This energetic chevron is named after Rihanna's home country of Barbados. Feel de islahnds.

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Daily Color #95: Midnight on the Island

Palm fronds and my weird blobby hibiscus flowers dance in the dark in this one.

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Daily Color #94: I Only Wear Red

When I was about 6 or 7, my absolute favorite color was red. My entire wardrobe was red and all the pictures from that era prove it.

The cousins that got my hand-me-downs ended up hating red. It's just one of those colors you feel strongly for - one direction or another.

I happen to have mixed feelings about it these days. I love to look at it, but I most definitely have to be in the right mood to wear it. I like to wear it on my hair and toes though - a smattering is always appropriate and tres sexy :)

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