Daily Color #75: Snakeskin

I am into green today. Perhaps I need a healthy green smoothie and a good long walk amongst the trees and the large leafy things.

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Daily Color #74: Have a Stroke

Bleedy blobs of color, that's what this is. I know that doesn't sound appealing, but I sure do like it.

Some times I just love the simplicity of seeing a bunch of colors next to each other with no real agenda. Not trying hard, not trying to be anything but itself. It has the appeal of the Dude.

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Daily Color #73: Kiwi Fruit and Flowers

Kiwi fruits have always been one of my favorite fruits although my tongue does not like them so much.

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Daily Color #72: Seagulls and Stripes

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Saaaaailing takes me aaaaaaway to where I've always heard it cooould be.

Have you heard of that Christopher Cross song, Sailing? If you are younger than me, maybe not. I remember my mom doing aerobics to that song in a leotard. I would join her, also in a small sized leotard. She had a whole album of Yacht Rock classics that she'd exercise to. Kind of a weird genre to sweat to, now that I think about it.

Anyway this print reminds me of that time. And also makes me yearn a bit for being on a boat.

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Daily Color #71: Feather Fantastic

Feathers and drops of color. These feathers also look like they are dancing and having a sweet time at Coachella.

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Daily Color #70: Feather Skulls

These are cute little bohemian skulls that are, like, having a bitchin time at Coachella.

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Daily Color #69: Feather Ikat

This one I also call "Just Fill It the Eff Up".

Creating this was part meditation, part aneurysm-inducing. I'm not usually into doing super detailed art, but I'm trying to expand my rep-ah-twah.

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